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“In bad times, a good chat,” a space to reactivate brands.

Actualizado: 31 jul 2020

Four important Latin American directives have successfully emerged, that do not talk about crisis but rather about opportunities, offering powerful tools to reactivate brands during this global juncture.

- Mario Sánchez Del Real - Founding Partner and Creative General Director of Peanuts & Monkeys

- Mario Santacruz Garrido + Álvaro Guzmán - Managing Director of Connaxis

- Juliana Ríos - Director of Operations for Century Media

- Andrés Morán - Strategic Director for New Sapiens

The speakers addressed topics such as the world of marketing influence and the changes that it has undergone due to the pandemic, negotiation strategies for the media and planning strategies for internal processes, lessons-learned about what Colombian brands have done to get through the pandemic and experiences in these times of crisis.

If you want to check out the interesting chats, click on the following link:

¡Sign up! The next group of speakers will present on July 2, at 8:30 hrs (GMT – 5). Don’t miss it as it will certainly be a very productive space. If you are in the marketing or communications fields, or if you are a Chief Marketing Officer within a company, you will be able to have a 60-minute personalized consultancy session regarding your brand with one of the 4 specialists.

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