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Constellation Speakers en el WINA 2019

Actualizado: 31 jul 2020

On June 6th and 7th, Camila Farias (RC Farias - Colombia), Xavier Molina (Illuminati - Ecuador), Mario Sánchez del Real (Peanuts & Monkeys), Elisa Morales (We / Cee App Latam), Guillermo Trujillo (Butaka - Colombia) and Andrés Morán (New Sapiens), members of the Constellation Network, were international speakers in various events at the WINA Festival 2019, which was celebrated at the Grand Hyatt in Bogotá.

Another aspect to highlight was Butaka’s active commercial participation, as the official producer of the Festival, and that of Century Media, as the media agency for the event. This space, with 580 visitors from 16 countries, was an interesting showcase to connect with new agencies and advertisers, within the context of the festival that awards the best of the independent creative industries from 5 continents.

We hope that for WINA 2020, this Constellation space continues to be relevant and that it manages to incorporate all of the affiliate agency directives, so that they can connect, update one another and parktake with colleagues from the independent agency world.

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