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New Affiliate: EXE, Peru. Digital Marketing Agency with 22 National and International Awards.

Actualizado: 31 jul 2020

Exe is specialized in comprehensive consulting in digital marketing, website development, digital campaigns, social media management, online advertising, e-commerce and mobile applications. The agency has been recognized as the best E-commerce in Peru by the FICE ranking and in 2019 - 2020 winner at WINA Festival.

Clients Include: Farmacia Universal, Florerías Unidas, Opción, Inversol, Ft Capital, Ferrand, Totto, Constructora Málaga, Pesquera Diamante, Dulce Sorpresa, Instituto Confucio PUCP, FUCSA Fundación Chilca S.A, Photolife, Grupo fe, Fenacrep, etc.


Mario Ramos Meléndez (CEO)



Av. Primavera 643 Of. 403 San Borja - Lima – Perú

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