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New Affiliate: Black Box Productions (Toronto, Canada)

Based in Canada with operations in Montreal and Toronto, Black Box Productions extends its reach through a network of skilled creatives from coast to coast. They offer turnkey video production services from creative development to delivery, ensuring each project resonates with its intended audience. Their portfolio showcases award-winning TV commercials, engaging short-form social media content, and effective corporate communications crafted for major brands like IBM, Mattel, Air Canada, and Amazon. Their team thrives in different collaborative landscapes: working directly with clients to develop marketing strategies and creative treatments, as well as partnering with agencies to execute on an established creative vision.

Their objective goes beyond creating visually appealing narratives; it's about continuously improving our processes to meet the evolving demands of video marketing. As they explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence, we envision enhanced creativity and streamlined production workflows. "We warmly invite members of the Constellation Network to connect with us for their next video project or to discuss the latest AI tools impacting production. Whether you're in need of a strategic partner or a production ally, we're here to help bring your vision to life".


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