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New Affiliate: M22, strategic brand analysis.

M22 is a digital agency from Mexico City affiliated with Constellation; the agency takes care of connecting brands with their target audiences, via ideas that provoke emotions, and trigger feelings, memories and actions, building the foundation for long-lasting relationships with target audiences.

The affiliate’s mission is: to think with their hearts and love with their ideas.

Clients Include: Be Grand, Carza, Santander, Duracell, GMH Hotels & Resorts, Las Estacas, Zoofari, Seguros AXA, La Costeña, CMR, Equivalenza, Oster, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Honeywell, ONU Mujeres, Consejo de la Comunicación, Adoptare, among others.

Points Of Contact: Val Gómez (CEO) – Lili Gómez (Head of Inspiration Driving)


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