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New Affiliate: Room, design studio that acts as a large family.

Room has a space dedicated to brand design and graphic production; enjoying the details in the creative process. They have developed more than 50 successful brands and worked with more than a hundred businesses over the last 7 years.

They conduct editorial design projects, corporate branding, online communication and online brand management, packaging and applications.

Clients Include: Anacleto y Dorotea, Aurora, Argent investments, Colatte, Caceres Torres, Capcana Dominican Republic, La Sangria, Cderman, Hylsa, Valentino, SISMAP Municipal, Banco Mundial, In Touch, Caribbean Growth Forum, Hylcon, among others.

Points of Contact: Nathalie Hazim (CEO)


Anddress: Calle Agustin Lara Esq. Max Henriquez Ureña #46 Condominio Ernesto II. Piantini, Santo Domingo.

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