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New Agency: Grupo M&A (Portugal) Luis Marques, (M&A CEO), invites us to know more about M&A:

We keep the same passion since 1998: helping our clients with the recognition of their brands, through their memorable communicating experiences, promoting a reputation of the products and services according to the dimension of every business. We work in partnership with every client, focusing our attention on their individual goals of success and growth.

Some of our clients:

Portax, Vallegre, Bolseira, Polaris, Ataíde Semedo, Karranka, Portax Group, Magnum, Luxus, Miranda, Sorgal, Soja de Portugal, DFJ Vinhos, Dux, Line Systems, Avicasal, Adega de Borba, etc.

2019 nominee - German Design Award 2018 grand prix and 3 honorable mentions - Papies Honorable Mention - Wina festival 2 Platinum and 1 Gold - Muse Creative Awards 2 Winner - German Design Award 2017 Platinum and Gold - Muse Creative Awards 2 Honoroble Mentions - Wina Festival 2016 2 Silver and 1 Bronze - Wina Festival Special Mention.


Luis Marques (CEO)

Sara Neces (Communication manager)



1 nº 4156, Avelãs de Caminho, 3780-351 Anadia, Portugal

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