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New Affiliate: London, Mexico.

Actualizado: 31 jul 2020

The London Agency is focused on producing quality content and entertainment for the brands. In addition to its integrated campaigns, its primary objective is to deliver a real and meaningful message for its clients. With its "Power to the people" philosophy, they put people at the center of the attention and ensure that its brands meet the needs and contribute to the lives of these individuals.

Clients include: This agency, established in Monterrey, México, operates on the regional, national and global levels, with clients like the Christus Muguerza hospital network, Motolinía, Universidad Motolinía del Pedregal and the WINA Festival (World Independent International Awards).


Manuel Ríos (Director General)


Contact Numbers:

(81) 2092 6692

(81) 3588 1664

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