New Affiliate: Another Company, revolutionizing with strategic communications.

Actualizado: jul 31

Another Company offers strategic integrated solutions to satisfy brand placement needs and companies’ relationships with key audiences.

The agency’s main focus is in public relations, however it also offers: Influencers with smart segmentation, social media, a multinational presence in 7 countries, content & inbound marketing, performance marketing, events, branding and brand experience.

Clients Include: Pandora, Prada, Porsche, Philips, Fundación Herdez, EOS, Be The March, Bottega Veneta, Selina, SAP, Waze, Dyson, Logitech, Marinsa, Red Bull, Mercado libre, Burberry, GoPro, Samsung, The Peninsula Hotels, and Mercy For Animals.


Jaspar Eyears (CEO & Founder)

Rodrigo Peñafiel (Co-founder)


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